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What Is Invisalign First & How It Is Beneficial For Kids

Invisalign first

As kids age, many parents discover that their teeth are crooked or damaged. To solve these issues in an affordable and kid-friendly manner, parents look for a solution. Any responsible parent should wish to find an alternative to braces because they can be painful and unsightly for children. Fortunately, Invisalign First is a solution that will benefit your child in every possible way. 

What Is Invisalign First?

Invisalign First is an orthodontic treatment for your children. The dentist provides custom-designed trays that fix arch development, crowded teeth, expansion, and a broad smile. Invisalign First provides options for children who don’t want traditional metal braces. 

Every qualified pediatric orthodontist wants children to grow up with proper mouths and teeth. To spare their children the discomfort of having misaligned teeth. For children who still have their primary or “baby” teeth, Invisalign First is an entirely discreet way that can correct dental abnormalities in your child’s mouth.

How Does It Work?

Invisalign First helps expand and contour your kid’s jaw line through dental arch expansion. The dental arch expansion helps push your child’s teeth to increase the dental arch. 

For dental arch expansion, the first step is a consultation to see if your child is a good fit for Invisalign First. If approved, your child’s dentist can take pictures, x-rays, and impressions of your child’s smile that same day. The Orthodontist will send the images, x-rays, and prints to an Invisalign lab, where your child will get a custom Invisalign First device, called an aligner or tray.

The aligners take a few weeks to get ready, but once they are made, you must visit your Hewlett orthodontist with your child to fit the aligner adequately.

Advantages of Invisalign’s First

1. Invisalign First Improves Your Child’s Smile

The fact that Invisalign First aligners address so many different issues is fantastic. Be it spacing, dental arches, or anything else, the Invisalign First treatment we provide at our dental office in Hewlett can help your kid get a healthier mouth, no matter the problem.

2. Invisalign First Are Removable

Invisalign aligners can be removed and replaced, unlike child braces that can aid comfort and tooth hygiene. You can remove Invisalign before eating or brushing your teeth, saving you from having to deal with all the hassle of braces.

3. Invisalign First Is Comfortable Treatment

Hewlett orthodontist keeps the comfort of Invisalign as a priority. As much suffering and discomfort as wearing braces can occasionally bring, your kid won’t experience it.  Utilizing Invisalign eliminates the need for poking wires.

Who Qualifies As An Invisalign First Candidate?

Children between the ages of six and ten are the ideal candidates for Invisalign First. Around this time, most kids start losing their baby teeth. A key component of Invisalign First is ensuring enough room for the permanent teeth to erupt.

The child is also growing during this time. The new permanent teeth should be able to erupt naturally into the upper and lower jaws, which only come readily to some kids. Among other things, thumb sucking, sleep apnea, and mouth breathing can all lead to abnormal or insufficient growth. Invisalign First encourages adequate jaw growth patterns

Invisalign First In Hewlett

Invisalign First is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a way to straighten your child’s teeth. It is the best decision a parent can make to give their child a healthier & pretty smile. Both parents and kids have a more accessible option with Invisalign First. Visit our orthodontist in Hewlett, NY, for a complete oral care treatment.