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How Does Invisalign Works For Teen

Invisalign is becoming more and more popular. They make orthodontic care easier for adults because they’re less conspicuous than braces and therefore not as embarrassing in social and professional situations. But are they right for your teen? Read on to learn more!

How Does Invisalign Works For Teens:

  • Your teen will come in for a consultation and our Hewlett orthodontist will assess their diagnostic records and conduct a thorough oral examination. It will allow the orthodontist to perform an accurate diagnosis and make customized treatment plans as per the needs. Also, the Hewlett orthodontist will answer your questions and walk you through the whole process.
  • If it’s determined that Invisalign Teen is the best option for your teenager, a team member of our Hewlett dental office will take quick, comfortable digital impressions using our iTero® digital scanner, so no more goopy molds. The scans will be uploaded to the computer and a 3D model of your teen’s mouth will be created. The orthodontist in Hewlett will plan out or you can say customize your child’s treatment directly on the model, moving each tooth into its perfect position. They can visualize different results and fix them in advance, to create the perfect smile for your teen’s unique smile, while also ensuring treatment is well-planned. 

Using our Hewlett orthodontist can even show you what your child’s smile will look like after the complete treatment. Once the treatment plan is in position, our orthodontist will send their digital impression to the lab.

The Benefits Of Invisalign For Teens

Clear Aligners Are Discreet

Invisalign Teen aligners in Hewlett are made up of smooth clear plastic and they slip right over the teeth. Most people won’t notice your child wears aligners, and they can continue to smile & talk with confidence throughout their treatment. 

No Food Restrictions

When you get Invisalign clear aligners you do not have to give up on your favorite food or have to worry about food getting stuck in brackets. As you have removable clear aligners you can eat even hard & crunchy food by just popping the trays out.

Brushing & Flossing

The fact that the clear aligners are removable also means teens can brush and floss as they normally would just by popping out the aligner trays and don’t have to steer around brackets and wires. If your teen isn’t the best with oral hygiene, this is something to consider when comparing braces vs. Invisalign. 

Comfortable Treatment

Invisalign aligners are soft and comfortable. They don’t irritate the mouth as braces do. During the first week with Invisalign, and sometimes after putting in new aligners, kids may sense some sensitivity, but it’s mild and aligners are well tolerated among our Hewlett Invisalign teen patients. 

Perfect For Special Occasions

While teens will have to wear their clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day, they can remove the aligners for special occasions, like for a party, pictures, or school dances, or wear a mouthguard when participating in sports. Invisalign has a minimal impact on your teen’s daily life. 

Invisalign Teen In Hewlett

Invisalign teen has given many benefits along with straightening teeth, so why not get this discreet orthodontic treatment for a straight smile? The orthodontic treatment in Hewlett offers you a fully customized & affordable plan. Contact us or visit our dental office in Hewlett for more details.