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How Can Orthodontist Fix Your Overbite

What Is An Overbite?

An overbite is when the top front teeth protrude and overlap the lower front teeth. Overbite is also a type of malocclusion. Overbites are the most common dental disorder in children. It can also cause health and psychological issues and should be treated before it worsens. A good orthodontist will examine your teeth and suggest the best orthodontic treatment in Hewlett, NY, based on your dental issues.

What Causes Overbites?

Different factors can cause overbites. A few are as follows:

  • Hereditary factors, such as the shape of your jaw, can cause overcrowding or missing teeth.
  • Early childhood habits like thumb sucking or using a dummy beyond the age of five.
  • Using a pacifier or a bottle for an extended amount of time.
  • Tongue thrusting or mouth breathing is also a common cause.
  • Chewing on objects like pen caps, pencils, or nails can cause overbites.

How Can An Orthodontist Fix Your Overbite?

Braces are an effective way to treat most overbite problems. A good orthodontist in Hewlett, NY, will use the latest technology to ensure your problems are fixed. An x-ray will be performed to determine the type of overbite and examine the relationship between your teeth and jaw. The treatment is then decided based on the severity of the damage.


Traditional braces are the standard of care to correct severe overbites. They can also align your jaw or correct crooked or crowded teeth. Braces include arch wires, bands, and brackets. Moreover, the archwire straightens and corrects the alignment of your teeth. Later, the bands are fitted on the brackets from top to bottom, which slowly shifts the jaw into the correct position. In the final stage, your orthodontist may recommend a retainer to ensure that your teeth don’t revert to their original position and stay in the desired place. You can opt for a clear or classic brace based on your preference. The orthodontist in Hewlett, NY, will work with you to understand your concerns and create the best treatment plan for your unique dental issue.


You will get your Invisalign treatment based on the severity of the overbite. There’s no one-size-fits-all in your Invisalign treatment. Your treatment plan will be customized based on concerns and your dental needs. Invisalign can correct an overbite with customized clear aligners, which should be worn at least 20 to 22 hours daily. The plastic trays will be replaced at least once every two weeks. The new aligners will be slightly different from the previous trays. The orthodontist in Hewlett, NY, will track your progress and make the necessary changes, which will bring your teeth into proper alignment and correct the overbite. 

The Best Orthodontist In Hewlett, NY

At Kleinrock Orthodontics, we understand how important your smile is, therefore, we provide experts that will give you the best smile. We also offer different options in orthodontic treatment, and our professionals will help you decide on the right treatment based on your dental condition. We can help you achieve the smile of your dreams and help you maintain optimal oral health. Contact us or book an appointment with the best orthodontist in Hewlett, NY.